General terms and conditions for car hire with East Rent 

Requirements for the hirer:

  • The minimum age of the driver- 23 Years(for drivers under 25years/ over 65years additional fee of 4.50€/day)
  • The minimum driving experience- 1 Year
  • Availability of a passport
  • Valid driving license

The cost of renting a car include:

  • VAT
  • CDW- Collusion damage waiver
  • TP- theft protection coverage 
  • The insurance „Civil Responsibility“
  • Road tax (Vignette):
  • Unlimited mileage(for less than 4 days of rental- 250km/per day)

Insurance and damage excess:  

Excess- that limit your liability. Liability in case of damage - maximum excess of the amount to be paid by the tenant in case of damage/accident to the car. For categories EDMR, EDAR, -1500.00 €, CDMR, CDAR, IWAR- 2000.00 €, FVMR, SVMR, PDAR-3000.00 €.  All that will come out in excess of this amount will be covered from the insurance company. Adding the Full Cover will provode you with peace of mind during the rental

Additional fees may apply:

  • Full insurance(FDW)- with full insurance you don't have to worry about pledges and cover excessive losses. You will be protected in such of cases as damage to the chassis,tires and windows. If you don't add this extra insurance to your request and return the car with any kind of damage, you are obligated to reimburse the full cost of repair. Cost of FDW starting from 9.00€/day (depending of car category)
  • early/late pick up or drop offs - charge up to 14.00€ may apply for meet & greet btw 18.00h- 09.00h
  • young driver fee +4,50€/day for drivers less than 25years old on time of pick up of the car. Total amount cannot exceed 99€.
  • senior driver fee +4,50€/day for drivers above than 65years old on time of pick up of the car. Total amount cannot exceed 99€
  • extra fees for cross border journeys +100eur (for EU Lands only) 


The price does not include fuel. Cars are provided with a fully fuelled tank. Shall the car be returned  with an incomplete tank tenant must pay the cost of the missing fuel+ 10€ fee.

The use of a car outside Bulgaria:

Please contact us for more information.

Delay car:

Getting a rental car is calculated from the date of delivery of the car. The delay in the car for one hour extra charge € 10 for 1 hour or more the following day as a paid rental. Delay of the car over night and charged at double rate.

Change of car:

If the selected from the client vehicle is not available at the moment of arrival our company has the right to give the tenant another model of car but from the same or higher class

Payment of rent:

Cash, Paypal, bank transfer or by credit card VISA, MASTERCARD. All prices are in Euros.


The amount of the deposit is from 100€ up to 400€. Payment only by credit card( VISA, MASTERCARD)

Technical problems and accidents:

If you find any technical problems or a traffic accident occurs, the tenant should immediately call the emergency telephone number listed in the lease. In case of accident, the tenant should call the police, 112, and our call center +359899021517 and a report issued by the authorities.

Security deposit:

Tenant makes the deposit, the amount of which depends on the model selected vehicle. All the deposit or part thereof may be taken in the following cases:

  • If there is damage to the undercarriage of the car
  • If there is any damage to the tires, audio equipment and accessories.
  • If there is extensive damage caused by road accidents transporting
  • If there is any damage as a result of an accident in the absence of Traffic police protocol.
  • In case of in-car pollution or damage by fire.
  • Loss of documents and/or keys
  • At the time the vehicle is returned to the Lessor the lessee shall pay sums of money under the contract and conditions of the lease. 

Note: Insurance reimbursement is not made in the following cases:

  • At the time of the damage the tenant was in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication, as well as after application of drugs contraindicated in the management of the vehicle.
  • If you return the car after an accident the renter has not presented a protocol of Traffic Police
  • The lessee has transferred the management of the vehicle who is not specified in the Agreement.
  • Rubber car is damaged by fire or accident.
  • The lessee has intentionally caused damage to the car.

All the insurances are valid only valid if police statement is presented ! Invalid if the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol!

Insurance compensation for stealing a car is not made in the following cases:

  • The car is left unlocked with a key insight.
  • Documents submitted in the car.
  • In all the above cases, the lessee bears full liability for damages.
  • Loss of documents and/or keys
  • In case of lost records or the car keys from the tenant must pay a fine of € 100 for each loss.

Note: What if you receive a traffic ticket during your rental

The Lessee shall bear all fines, direct and indirect penalties that may be imposed by the traffic law, regulations, penal provisions and any other relevant or applicable laws and run-over accidents as a result of using the Vehicle, during the period of this contract or any renewed periods thereafter, whether such accidents became known during this contract or after its expiry. In the event of failing to pay the Traffic Fines, which occurred during the period of this Contract, the Lessee agrees that the Lessor has all the rights to recover the said cost either by directly charging such amounts to his/her Credit Card or by transferring the Traffic Fines to his/her personal file with the Traffic Department. Also the Lessee agrees to pay an admin fee of 30€ for dealing with the fine and sending your details to the traffic authority. This money will be taken directly from your credit card.

Personal Data of the Renter
Before signing the Agreement, the Renter shall provide the Lessor with documents and data as follows: IDCardA/alid Passport. Driving License. Credit Card. Permanent Address Registration in Bulgaria or in a foreign country and current address in Buigaria, which documents after being processed and described in the Agreement shall be returned to the Renter. The Renter agrees their personal data to be used by the Lessor in relation to the implementation of the Rental Agreement, as the Lessor is obliged not to disclose the data received to third persons in order to prevent misuse.


Destinations for car hire:

  • Varna Airport- free delivery
  • Varna Center
  • St. Constantine, >Golden Sands– additional fee may apply
  • Albena, Kranevo, Balchik- additional fee may apply
  • Byala, Obzor –additional fee may apply 
  • Sunny Beach– additional fee may apply
  • St. Vlas, Elenite– additional fee may apply
  • Burgas Airport- additional fee may apply
  • Burgas city center-additional fee may apply
  • Veliko Tarnovo – additional fee may apply 
  • Sofia Airport- additional fee may apply. For additional destinations, please contact us.

Car Equipment:

All vehicles are equipped with the following: radio CD, Spare tyre, jack, wrench, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, reflective triangle. At your request we can include GPS navigation, child seat, snow chains and ski grid.

Chauffeur service:

Chauffeurs provided against additional payment of 20 euro per day -8 hours

By making an order through our company website, the tenant confirms its agreement with these Booking Conditions, the Offer to conclude a vehicle rental agreement and undertakes to follow them.

Cancellation and change of reservation, no-show

If you cancel your reservation no later than 7 days before the start of the rental, the funds will be refunded to you in full, except the cancellation fee of 20% of the rental price (no less than 99.00 EUR)

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