Rent a car Varna Long term- Lowest Car hire Price Guarantee in Bulgaria

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Stay mobile with affordable long-term car hire ...

... from just 9,99 € a day


If you need a rental car for 30+ days, two months or more we can offer you our special service called- LONG TERM CAR RENTAL IN VARNA ! The rental period varies from one up to six months. This will guarantee you the best possible price for renting a car in Bulgaria. If you are visiting Varna often for a long stay,  business or holidays and a rental car is needed every time this could save you budget dramaticaly. This is also a great option for people who own properties in Bulgaria but don't spend all the time here. Of course you can bring your own vehichle but this will cost you a fortune to get to here. Apart from that, renting a car long term in Varna will cost you several time cheaper than using taxi each time when vehicle is needed. Rates for long term car hire in Varna starts from just 9,99€/day for a economy car.

The benefits:

* full serviced vehicles

* prepaid road taxes across all Bulgaria

* Standart third party insurance

* up to 3600km montly mileage

* 24/7 assistance

* delivery to each airport in Bulgaria- SOF,VAR,BOJ etc.

*Voluntary supplementary services, e.g. Additional drivers, supplementary insurance, special equipment etc. are not included in the offer and must be purchased at the regular price


Save on long-term car hire in Bulgaria, review the prices below for a long term car rental in Bulgaria and rent a car now.

 Long Term car rentals & Monthly Car Rental deals



*rates are valid for a certain period of time 

Expanded Vehicle Matrix

M Mini B 2-3 Door M Manual Unspecified Drive R Unspecified Fuel/Power With A/C
N Mini Elite C 2/4 Door N Manual 4WD N Unspecified Fuel/Power Without A/C
E Economy D 4-5 Door C Manual AWD D Diesel A/C
H Economy Elite W Wagon/Estate A Auto Unspecified Drive Q Diesel No A/C
C Compact V Passenger Van B Auto 4WD H Hybrid A/C
D Compact Elite L Limousine/Sedan D Auto AWD I Hybrid A/C
I Intermediate S Sport E Electric A/C
J Intermediate Elite T Convertible C Electric No A/C
S Standard F SUV L LPG/Compressed Gas A/C
R Standard Elite J Open Air All Terrain S LPG/Compressed Gas No A/C
F Fullsize X Special A Hydrogen A/C
G Fullsize Elite P Pick up Regular Car B Hydrogen No A/C
P Premium Q Pick up Extended Car M Multi Fuel/Power Air
U Premium Elite Z Special Offer Car F Multi fuel/power No Air
L Luxury E Coupe V Petrol Air
W Luxury Elite M Monospace Z Petrol No Air
O Oversize R Recreational Vehicle U Ethanol Air
X Special H Motor Home X Ethanol No Air
Y 2 Wheel Vehicle

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