Наеми кола във Варна

Because renting a car should above all bring joy from the kilometers traveled and the destinations visited. If you want to be in the place of our wonderful client, book your rental car now. Despite the popular belief that ladies are not among the best drivers, she proves just the opposite and enjoys every mile in the comfortable seats of the Nissan Qashqai.

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Are you looking for a car rental in Varna? Favorable conditions for rental cars in Bulgaria

East Rent a Car Varna offer cars at extremely attractive prices and conditions. Trust our team when you need a car rental in Varna and get informed with our offers...

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Early Bid offer - Rental Cars Varna

Get an early booking discount on all cars for season 2021. Bookrental car at Varna airport(VAR) or Bourgas airport(BOJ) with -15% discount for prebookings. Hurry up- valid for reservations made till 30th April 2021!

East Rent- book with confidence

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Renault Clio - modern, economical and reliable ! Just the perfect rental car !

The Clio model is undoubtedly a proven and well-known car that never ceases to surprise with its vision, comfort and, above all, economy. The car features a modern design, high quality assembly and unprecedented reliability. All this makes it preferred by car rental companies in Europe and Bulgaria. The 5-door coupe is enough to accommodate up to five passengers, and has got the largest trunk for this class fitting up to 2 large or 4 small suitcases.


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Dear Clients,

We are all going through hard times now and everyone's priority should be health and safety.

We believe that prevention is the best and most effective way to combat the spread of the virus, and that is why we would like to inform you about the measures we have taken since the beginning of  this situation to protect both you and your family.

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Meet the new 2020 Toyota Corolla Executive!

We are proud to announce our newest top offer product for car hire in Bulgaria starting from 1st of June 2020. The new 2020 modell Toyota Corolla Executive automatic will be available for rent at any Bulgarian airport including Varna(VAR),Burgas(BOJ) or Sofia(SOF). This is one brilliant vehicle equiped not only with high tech gizmos but with safety assistance from new generation.  

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Rent a bicycle, it's a great way to spend an active weekend. Cycling is a fun, efficient and easy way of getting around Varna - just like the locals do! Even if you only pedal around for a few hours, riding a bike is an essential Varna experience. The best efficient way to get around the city is by bike. The large alleys in our wonderfull Sea Garden aren’t really suited for cars, but are perfect for bicycles and pedestrians, making this area full with flowers and trees a great to explore by foot or by bike. If you are interested in sightseeing by bike, we have some great bike tour suggestions. Renting a bike in Varna is pretty easy. We rent bikes for an hour or a day, although the most common rental is for up to 3 hours. When you rent a bike in Varna, you will put down a deposit, and you can purchase optional insurance, which will cover the cost of the bike if it is stolen and you follow a certain procedure. We require that if the bike is stolen, you have filed a police report, and you must return the keys to the lock to prove you actually locked it up. If you do not have insurance and/or do not return the keys, you will have to pay the cost of the bicycle. This is althought an extremely rare scenario in Varna but it’s better to pay a bit more for the extra insurance.

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Some of the car rental companies in Bulgaria, but also the international ones, come more and more often with car rental offers with 1, 2, 3 Euro per day. It seems an offer not to be refused, yes it is, but until the moment of handing over the car you will notice some anomalies, and the final expense can reach the order of thousands of euros.

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